Why New Casino Sites Are so Popular

Why new casino sites are so popular

Why New Casino Sites Are so Popular

Some of us jump at an opportunity to try something new while others take years before they’ll dare give it a try. The latter are either being super cautious or don’t believe any novel product or service could outperform the one they’ve been using thus far. But in the online gaming world, even these guys are willing to give a new online casino a go pretty early on. Why is that?

It’s certainly not because new always means better. We’ve seen many nearly identical replicas of existing (and pretty average) gaming sites marketed under a different name. The layout is the same, catalogue is the same, payment options are the same, promotional portfolio marginally different. At the same time, fortunately, there are new casino sites UK eager to differentiate and add value. They know what customers want and are willing to invest effort and money to recruit new members and keep loyal ones.

Gaming sites we’ve been frequenting for months or even years feel familiar but, unless they continue to evolve, eventually might become a tad boring. We know what to expect, there are no surprises, and at some point we realize the experience isn’t as exciting as it used to be. The decision to try something else is often taken by players that are quite happy with their current gaming destination and very frequently by those that aren’t. The latter are still searching for their ideal gambling partner and their hopes rise whenever a new one enters the market.

Providing the bait is appealing enough, both groups will readily switch, and the bait new online casinos usually use is a bonus. That’s not exclusively for our benefit. When you’re a new kid on the block, you want to make friends as quickly as possible, otherwise you’ll have no one to play with. If a new casino doesn’t manage to recruit players, they’ll make no profit and won’t be able to survive. That’s why they’re willing to be extra generous from the moment they arrive.

It all starts with a welcome bonus which is often bigger and better than any we’ve seen so far. Instead of 100%, new casinos are promising to match our first deposits by 200% and more. Instead of a double-digit amount, players get to collect thousands in bonus cash. It’s not uncommon to see no-deposit offers designed to make the transition less painful. Some of these generous freebies also come with easier-to- meet wagering requirements and fewer restrictions.

Some operators believe that’s enough; the player has registered and played, and hopefully the experience was good enough for them to come back. Others continue investing by making their promotional portfolio bigger, more diversified and more creative. They organize tournaments and raffles, offer regular cashbacks, conceptualize their loyalty programs etc. Forced to fight with competitors that have an established customer base, new gaming sites looking not only to survive but to thrive are willing to continuously shower us with gifts. And we’re happy to accept them.

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